About Us

Moment Seeker Films is Haydn & Anne, a creative down to earth duo, cinematographers with a background in all thing’s creative working side by side capturing peoples unique stories.

We are truly invested in the outcome of our films for our clients. We create films that truly reflect the couples we work with, the connections we make, the uniqueness of every story we capture. It’s your story, your moment.

We are a independent business, this means you will work with us and only us throughout the whole process, from planning, filming to editing. We love what we do and we bring a open mind to each wedding we film, and it’s this approach has allowed us to produce unique, beautiful, individual stories for every couple we have worked with. 

We take a honest, handcrafted approach to capturing each couples wedding day. We work in the background capturing real moments as they unfold allowing you to relax and enjoy your day. We are all about being in the right place at the right moment, we don’t direct, overcrowd you or make you do anything awkward – Most couples don’t even notice we’re there.

We’ll capture all the details; the little things that you miss, the huge moments you never want to forget – and we’ll stay as long as you need us to.

Moment Seeker Films

Haydn (Cinematography, Sound, Editing)

Some might say a little shy, others who know him would just say just to immersed in soaking up the moment. With a background in graphic design and adventure film making Haydn’s filming & editing style is natural and thoughtful. Some call it fluky others say it’s all skill but he has a sick sense for capturing organic moments, the un-directed as they unfold.

Natural and thoughtful also describes Haydn’s editing style, piecing together the moments, the details, the little thing’s you miss and the moments you never want to forget. His ability to select music that not only suits the individual couples style but supports the emotion of the film is what makes his edits so unique.

Anne (Cinematography & Design)

With a background in fine art, design & cinematography Anne takes a pure and heartfelt approach to filming. Seeking the angle that no one else would think of, which allows Anne to capture those little moments that happen when no one else is watching; the precious, usually un-captured moments you will cherish forever.

Anne’s personality creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere on the day. Her relaxed nature helps create the real and unmanufactured moments, especially when spending time with the boys and the girls, the filming is un-directed, and what is captured is the real down to earth moments that sets Moment Seeker films apart from the rest.


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